Allow us to enhance your beautiful eyebrows using natural Egyptian Henna on your eyebrows. Henna lasts 5-6 weeks, you won't go back to other eyebrow colouring methods again!

Our expert Maree will work with you to colour and shape the perfect brow that enhances your natural look, framing your face to perfection. Check out the guides below that Maree will show you, these can be used as a guide for determining the look you are trying to achieve.

NOTE: Henna cannot get wet for at least 12-24 hours after the treatment, in fact the longer the better. Please keep this in mind when booking your appointment.

Henna TreatmentPriceDuration
Eyebrows$5030 mins

This guide can help you select your desired pigments based on your hair colour, skin colour, and skin type (brow results may vary from person to person). It's important to remember your pigment will deepen by one shade once the 12 hour oxidisation process is finished. We therefore recommend you select your pigment one shade lighter than the desired colour for optimal results. Henna can be applied to darken brows, but not lighten them.

Our eyebrows frame our face, so it's important that your brows suit your face. This guide can be used to establish your brow style and shape.